2024 Auctions

This year, the Rotary “Kids At Heart” Golf Classic is holding three unique auctions:

Make Rotary An Offer

Our auctions offer amazing products, services and experiences to help raise funds for our chosen charities.

Online Auction

Coming Soon

Visit our online auction site often to view the amazing items that have been donated – more will be added as they are received.   

Live Auction

Coming Soon

We will hold a live auction, facilitated by a professional auctioneer, after the golf tournament.

This is a fun part of the day, where you can bid against your fellow golfers, to get the winning bid! .

Make Rotary An Offer

Coming Soon

Make Rotary an Offer is an opportunity to make your best bid for an “experiential” prize, by placing your secret bid into a bidding box and at the end of the day, the highest bidder wins. These bidding boxes will be out on the golf course, and as golfers go by, they can enter their bids.

There will be ample signage to show what amazing “experience” you are bidding on.


If you are interested in donating items(s) or services to our auction, please contact Max Feldman by completing the form below.

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