rotary "kids at heart" program

What is the Rotary "Kids At Heart" Program?

The Rotary Club of Calgary at Stampede Park is excited to announce the second annual RotaryKids at Heart” Golf Classic.

Children face many hurdles as they navigate through their formative years, many of which impact their ability to focus on their learning priorities, awaken their self-awareness, instill self-confidence, and hinder them from reaching their true potential.

The past few years has shone an even brighter light on the challenges that children face in today’s world.  We know it is virtually impossible for a youngster to focus on his or her education if they:

  • go to school hungry,
  • are being bullied in person or taunted on social media,
  • are being coerced into taking or selling drugs,
  • are being pressured to join a gang,
  • have nowhere to sleep at night,
  • are facing family turmoil,
  • suffer from mental health challenges.

The list of hurdles that kids might face today is a long one. Critical issues can impact kids from the time they enter grade 1 until they graduate from grade 12, and then beyond into their late teen years.  It is our goal to help kids overcome these hurdles one step at a time.

Support the Kids

By joining us for great day on the links, and/or supporting our various golf tournament related fundraisers such as the online auction, 50/50 draw, Make Rotary an Offer, and the live auction on tournament day, you are funding causes that support kids as they navigate through their formative school years.

Your support of the Rotary “Kids at Heart” Golf Classic will continue to support local kids when they need us most.

Invest In The Future

The new Rotary “Kids at Heart” program will invest in the lives of children and youth to create real, long-lasting change for kids, families and our community.The Rotary Club of Calgary at Stampede Park is currently accepting applications from charitable organizations that focus on the holistic health of children aged 6 – 21.  The deadline to apply as a recipient for grant consideration this year is December 15, 2023.   The final selection(s) will be made by February 15, 2024.

Please click on the application below which contains all details on eligibility and submit it on or before December 15, 2023.

Join us this year at the Cottonwood Golf & Country Club on Monday, July 29 for the Rotary “Kids at Heart” Golf Classic.  You will truly be making a difference for local charities doing tremendous work with kids.

 ~ The Rotary Kids at Heart Golf Classic Committee

Our 2023 Charities Of Choice

Once again our “Kids at Heart” selection Committee has chosen 3 incredible Charities as the recipients of the proceeds of our 2023 Rotary “Kids at Heart” Golf Classic. We will partner with these amazing organizations whose mission it is to help provide children with an opportunity to be safe, to be fed, to be loved and supported, to learn and to achieve the bright future every child deserves. 

Between Friends provides children with disabilities an opportunity to take part in inclusive social and recreational activities outside of the home. “Creating an inclusive community where children of all abilities feel valued and included is essential for their development and well-being. Between Friends’ Inclusion Services provides training and support to organizations and community members to promote an inclusive environment that fosters diversity, equity, and inclusion. By supporting our Inclusion Services through Kids at Heart, you are helping to ensure that every child has the opportunity to grow, learn, and thrive in a community that celebrates and embraces diversity, leading to improved social skills, self-esteem, and overall quality of life,” Kimberly Presser, CEO

Youth Centres of Calgary are focused on providing kids with some of their most basic human needs; food security, building their capacity to break the cycle of poverty,  becoming healthy, happy contributing citizens and in building a strong inclusive community in which they can feel they belong.

New Heights School and Learning Services is dedicated to pioneering a bright future for  young individuals on the autism spectrum to live independent, confident and purposeful lives.

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